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LEO Learning’s DevLearn 2015 roundup

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The LEO Learning team has just got back from another busy DevLearn – in fact – the best attended yet – and we would love to share with you some of our experiences from our time in Las Vegas.

The LEO Learning US team and our fellow LTG company gomo were thrilled to see lots of new and familiar faces throughout the exhibition. This year’s DevLearn was brighter, busier and bigger than ever before, and we had some very interesting conversations about learning can tackle the challenges global businesses are facing today.

LEO North America’s Vice President Bill West was also lucky enough to take to the stage to present two well-attended seminars. The first of these was all about using games to improve learning results. This fun session looked at all the up and coming trends in gaming and how we can apply these in real organisations, as well as what L&D teams can learn from gaming to do on their own. Bill also introduced the latest wave of virtual reality gaming, to show the potential for this innovative area to transform learning.

Bill West at DevLearn

Bill’s second session was about what we can learn from creating learning for millennials. This is clearly a very timely topic, with people sitting on the floor and spilling into the aisles to learn more about the latest generation to join the workforce. This took delegates on a journey through the history of learning technologies, stopping off in 1999, the biggest year in e-learning, and carrying on to 2015. We believe that 2015 is the most exciting year in learning technologies ever, with the opportunity to develop blended learning programmes for a millennial audience allowing us to introduce more social learning, portals and gaming to the mix. We should be embracing millennials, not fearing them – and today’s blend of technology enables us to do just that.

We were also absolutely delighted to be awarded the prize for the best blended solution at DevLearn’s DemoFest. We showed the value that we added to the UK National Healthcare Service with our complex blended programme, helping to upskill 10,000 leaders every three years to provide better care for patients and their families. The voters deemed our blend of e-learning, multimedia content, workshops, seminars and portfolios the best of the many fantastic entries, and we are very grateful to everyone who voted for us.

If you didn’t make it to DevLearn this year, not to worry – we will be showcasing our award-winning NHS Leadership Academy blended learning programme in the Best of DevLearn DemoFest webinar on 21st October. Bill will also be repeating his seminar about creating learning for millennials at Learning Solutions in 2016, so keep an eye on LEO Learning’s Twitter for more information nearer the time.

Many thanks to everyone who visited us this year and made it such a great event, and we hope to see you all again next year!