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Getting To Know… Imogen Casebourne

As part of our ‘Getting To Know’ series of blog posts, we’ve been chatting to different members of the LEO Learning team for you to get to know them better. Today we’ve been speaking to Imogen Casebourne, LEO Learning’s HR and Learning Director.


Describe your role at LEO Learning.

I’m HR and Learning Director. The role is twofold: overseeing our internal learning and talent schemes, and undertaking research into learning that we can use in consultancy for our clients. Talent management and internal training and career development involves ensuring that our people are empowered to work with our clients to do the best possible job they can. I also undertake research into the way that people learn, which I disseminate internally and also share with clients. You may have come across some of my blogs and insights on the LEO Learning website.

Which part of working at LEO Learning do you love most?

I think it’s the creativity, and seeing my LEO Learning colleagues working with clients to produce innovative and creative solutions that help people. I love helping people flourish, both internally with our own people and also with our clients. It’s great fun coming up with new and innovative solutions to client challenges.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Witnessing the success of people that I’ve mentored, sometimes over many years. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch people grow and develop into their careers. It has also been very satisfying working on projects that I know have made a measurable positive impact on people’s lives. An exciting outcome of our increased ability to measure learning impact is that in future we will have more evidence about what is making the largest positive difference to learners and we will be able to build on that.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Well, in terms of learning challenges, I can still remember learning to read at the age of four or five, and I recall that it was tough! If you have kids at that stage, appreciate that what they are doing is really hard. In my adult life, I’ve learnt to code, mastered a couple of foreign languages, and I recently took a statistics course because I’m studying for a part-time PhD. While those were all new areas for me, none of them presented quite the same scale of challenge as learning to read in the first place.

What are the three things you can’t work without?

  1. The great people I work with at LEO Learning
  2. Something to write on, and with
  3. Light

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

At one point I thought that I wanted to write novels. I think I thought it would be an interesting and creative way of making money. But working here at LEO Learning, part of what I do does involve writing, so I guess to some extent the writing part of that dream has come true. I’m glad that I work in a busy collegiate atmosphere though – I don’t think I would have enjoyed earning my living by sitting all alone in a room tapping away at a keyboard.

LEO Learning’s Imogen Casebourne has written a number of thought leadership articles, ebooks and white papers, including ‘Why blended learning works (and can work for you!)’.

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