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Product Awareness for RPA Specialists, Blue Prism

Harnessing Digital Learning to Increase Product Differentiation and Awareness

Blue Prism is a market leader in automation for software robots and virtual workforces—also known as robotic process automation (RPA). Their software platform enables organizations to create major efficiencies through rapid automation of routine administrative processes, effectively creating a digital workforce.

As a business at the forefront of a nascent, but competitive market, Blue Prism needs to educate potential customers on why their ‘digital workforce’ is the leading solution. That need became even more critical as customer enquiries to their sales team rocketed.

Blue Prism could have created marketing collateral to share with potential customers. But with a product as innovative and complex as theirs, they realized learning experts were best placed to communicate its value. This led them to LEO Learning.

  • icon-custom Custom eLearning
  • High-quality video Video & Animation
  • Delivering immersive product knowledge to salespeople and customers before a product has launched Product Knowledge
  • Mobile learning Mobile Learning
  • icon-blended Microlearning

The Challenge

Blue Prism needed a clear, easy-to-understand way to communicate exactly what RPA was, and what their software could do for customers. And with a sales team under increasing pressure to service leads, they also had to find a way to help potential customers understand if RPA was right for their business.

The solution needed to be engaging, informative and multifunctional. Alongside potential customers, Blue Prism also wanted to educate their partner organizations, who made up a significant proportion of their indirect sales.

Design your user experience-

Dedicated pre-sales portal accessible through Blue Prism’s website

High-quality video

Five bite-size digital learning modules packed with animation and video

Mobile learning

Responsive mobile design ensures learning looks great on any device


I was really impressed with how the LEO Learning team distilled everything we wanted to say into concise messages.

– Alex Bentley, Blue Prism’s Director of Corporate Development


The Solution

Discover Blue Prism features compelling video interviews and a range of highly visual animations, making this media-rich approach a engaging introduction to Blue Prism’s services.

Through a set of bite-size modules, learners are introduced to:

  • Who Blue Prism is
  • How Blue Prism is different from competitors
  • What RPA is and what it can do for businesses
  • The benefits of RPA for key industries
  • Considerations when implementing RPA

An expertly-crafted diagnostic tool also helps customers understand if their business is suitable for RPA. This final component is a further channel to streamline leads, saving valuable time for Blue Prism’s busy sales team.


I’m really happy with the outcome. The learning is an essential piece of collateral for us. It’s integral to us now. Customers have said they really like it and, internally, everyone who’s taken the learning has said it really helps them understand our proposition.

– Alex Bentley, Blue Prism’s Director of Corporate Development


Since launching the course, Blue Prism has reported impressive business growth, adding 223 new customers to its roster in the first half of 2018—a 145 percent increase in overall revenues.

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