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Competency Frameworks

Effective learning provision requires a deep understanding of what your business needs to succeed. A competency framework is an essential tool for achieving this goal.

The first step to developing a deeply effective, high-performing workforce is developing a comprehensive picture of the competencies and skills needed in your business.

LEO Learning’s inquiry-led consulting model maps the skills, attitudes, behaviors and performance requirements of your workforce against the strategic objectives of your business.


Our Approach to Competency Mapping

Whether you require an organisation-wide, team or departmental-level competency framework, our competency mapping approach can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

If you have an existing framework, we can map current competency levels against it. Or we can develop a framework for you, defining the competency benchmarks each role needs to achieve.

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Developing Your Strategic Competency Framework

To start building your framework, the LEO Learning team will design and then undertake a research phase to gather detailed data on the performance needs of each role. Our rigorous research methodologies will engage your stakeholders and staff through workshops, focus groups and interviews.

We then take the data and analyze it to uncover insights on the skills and behaviors your business needs to genuinely drive change and growth. The end result is an implementation-ready framework that defines performance benchmarks for each key role in your business.

Mapping Competencies and Bridging Gaps

With a competency framework in place, we can review your current learning and training provision. Our experts uncover the requirements that need to be addressed to help your employees reach optimal levels of performance.

As industry-leaders in results-driven blended learning, we can then make recommendations on how to deliver learning programs that will effectively bridge the knowledge, skills and behavior gaps within your organization.

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