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Curriculum Design

Our consultants have deep expertise in designing curricula that closely align learning provision to the needs and goals of your business.

Based on our work with many global organizations, LEO Learning’s consultants have developed a structured, evidence-based approach to curriculum design.

What Is Curriculum Design?

A curriculum can most easily be understood or observed within organizations as the structured presentation of the formal learning offer. Typically organized by subject, theme or role profile, it’s the framework that encompasses all the courses, resources and learning collateral that is relevant to the target learner group.

Curriculum design is the creation of this framework.

At the heart of good curriculum design is a set of organizational goals and performance objectives. The content that forms the curriculum should reflect the skills, competencies, and behaviors that are expected from that target audience. As business goals and strategy changes, so the curriculum should adapt.

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Workplace Curriculum Design at LEO Learning

From research and planning through to learning design and delivery, our end-to-end capabilities mean we can support you from the initial design of your curriculum through to implementation and beyond.

For the Civil Service Learning curriculum, LEO Learning has overseen the production of over 130 individual learning topics (all of which include some element of digital content). An important part of this activity has been to work with departments to understand their priority performance and learning needs, using this to inform each topic’s design.

– KPMG, who led the consortium for Civil Service Learning

Understanding Your Curriculum Design Requirements

We will undertake a research phase to get a detailed understanding of your requirements. This includes evaluating:

Existing training and programs

Your existing learning training and programs

Current and future learning

Current and future learning and performance objectives

The channels, learning technologies

The channels, learning technologies, and tools we can leverage

Analyzing the Data

Our consultants analyze the results to understand what your curriculum needs to include and the most effective learning modes to deliver that content to your learners.




Equipping L&D with the skills to conduct their own internal measurement initiatives

Curriculum Design and Delivery

We then architect the framework that forms your curriculum, mapping the content required to embed the desired skills, competencies and behaviors your learners need in order to impact and influence business goals.

With the framework defined, we can inform the design and creation of the learning components required to meet the requirements of your new curriculum. This might be engaging eLearning, rich-media digital assets, face-to-face workshops or multi-modal blended learning experiences.

LEO Learning operates a zero-waste approach to learning. That means we will also curate and reuse existing learning content where it meets the needs of your learners.


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Need help implementing effective workplace curriculum design?