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Learning Strategy

Businesses today are undergoing massive change. The challenges of globalization, speed and complexity are forcing businesses to adapt fast.

Successful digital transformation must include a radical and forward-thinking strategy for learning, knowledge, and performance management across an organization. This includes the creation of a cohesive network of people, processes, and systems required to support and embed this strategy long-term.

We work with many clients to drive their transformation. Our experience of taking organizations through this journey has given us deep insights into how to define a learning strategy that will succeed, from the very start.

A learning strategy defines the capabilities, processes, technologies, and content approaches you need to have in place. It also looks at the behaviors and cultural shifts required to drive the power of learning across your organization—now and into the future.

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I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped us. Your method and work have far exceeded our expectations. The strategy gained universal approval here, right up to the board level.

– Volvo


Our Learning Strategy Process

Our approach to learning strategy is underpinned by years of experience designing and implementing strategic learning initiatives. Our consultants use evidence-based methodologies to develop practical, implementation-ready solutions.

We understand that a large-scale transformation project can be a daunting prospect, but we’re on hand to help you every step of the way. That’s why we’ve developed a five-stage process to develop, plan and implement world-leading learning strategy programs.

1. Understanding Your Requirements and Landscape

The first stage of our process is to understand your requirements and drivers. We will look at all the factors that currently impact and influence the creation, delivery, and effectiveness of learning:

What skills and capabilities are represented within the team?

What is the process for delivering learning across the organization?

What learning technologies do you currently use and how are they connected with each other?

Are your learning programs relevant to business needs? How is content created?

What is the learning culture within your organization?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your learning programs?


Benchmarking Performance

We can use our proprietary Organizational Learning Maturity Framework to provide a benchmark of where you are on your digital learning transformation journey. The underlying questioning and analysis behind this model allows us to quickly provide insights into where and how you need to focus your next steps.

E3G – Learning Strategy Case Study

E3G’s vision was to create a world-class community of practice and a learning

portal that enables policymakers to access and share knowledge, connect to a

global peer group, and learn through the power of stories.

Discover how LEO Learning helped E3G:

  • Deliver a three-year strategy
  • Carry out requirements analysis
  • Complete learner needs analysis

Find out more

2: Capturing Your Vision

We conduct visioning workshops to help you explore, understand, and paint a picture of your strategy and what will make it succeed.

Our team facilitates workshops that bring your stakeholders together to:


Explore the ‘Art of the Possible’

We explore the current, best practice and innovative possibilities brought by the world of learning technology.


Develop a Strategic Vision
We collaborate with you to develop your vision and define the specific technologies, content, processes, culture, and behaviors that will achieve it.

LEO Learning’s process worked well for us because they talked to all the main people who would influence learning strategy—from marketing and HR to operations on-shore in Belgium and other EU locations, and off-shore in India. The key thing LEO Learning addressed was how to join these elements with a single strategy and infrastructure.

– Global navigation services organization

3: Strategy and Planning

We then take your vision and articulate it as a comprehensive strategic blueprint. This will define the principles, guidelines and protocols, technical requirements, and governance models required to achieve your strategic goals.

Planning Your Learning Strategy Roll-Out

Every new strategic initiative can be at risk due to the competing priorities and capacity of internal teams to implement it. That’s why our experts are on hand to support the planning and roll-out of each element in your learning strategy program.


We will often recommend a prototyping phase to test out the effectiveness of proposed approaches within your strategic plan. This enables us to test core components, collect data, and iterate ahead of full implementation.

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4: Implementation and Capability Building

With a practical plan in place, our expert team will help you implement the changes that will realize your vision.

We can embed and integrate our expertise into your organization during the set-up and delivery phases, or support you at arm’s length, as required.

5: Measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of new strategic programs is essential to demonstrating the value your investment is delivering to your wider business.

LEO Learning is the industry leader in the area of learning measurement. Our consultants will define and implement a measurement framework that ensures you have the data to demonstrate success, gain further buy-in from senior leadership, and ultimately, build the foundations for continuous improvement in your learning provision.

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