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Training Needs Analysis

Our experts have extensive experience in training needs analysis across a range of competency areas. With tried and tested research and data analysis methodologies, we can pinpoint exactly what your learning needs to achieve and how.

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A Rigorous Approach to Training Needs Analysis

Our training needs analysis (TNA) approach delivers a comprehensive review which identifies gaps in knowledge, processes, behaviors, and performance, and then documents detailed learning requirements to address them.

We have tested our methodologies at scale through our work within numerous global organizations. We have helped organizations across many sectors diagnose detailed needs and deliver digital learning solutions which:

  • Increase learner speed to competency
  • Decrease time spent in training
  • Deliver measurable cost savings to the business.

Planning and Design

We work with you to design and plan the TNA, considering the specific context and requirements of your proposed area of learning provision.

Data Gathering

Our experts then conduct a period of research and data gathering which enables them to build a detailed but holistic picture of your training requirements.

This may include:

  • Stakeholder and learner interviews
  • Surveys
  • Shadowing and observations
  • Desk research
  • Data from learning management systems and platforms
  • Data from HR and other internal systems

We harness both qualitative and statistical data analysis techniques to analyze and interpret the data collected.

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Deliver Findings and Recommendations

A comprehensive training needs analysis report can include:

  • Evaluation of current learning solutions (if in place)
  • Your learners’ performance, knowledge and skills needs at a granular level, if appropriate
  • Recommendations on how best to bridge gaps identified
  • A cost-benefit analysis of proposed solutions
  • Guidance on non-learning solutions and actions that may also be required
  • Benchmarks to enable evaluation of subsequent learning interventions

Translating Needs Into Action

At LEO Learning, training needs analysis is just the first step on a journey towards results-focused learning. With over 30 years of experience in world-class learning delivery, we will support you in translating your needs into solutions that deliver measurable results.