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Learning Campaigns and Communications

Learning matters—so don’t let yours go unnoticed. Learning campaigns make sure your learning gets the attention it deserves.

LEO Learning believes that successful learning requires more than just a great solution. With conflicting priorities and limited time, businesses need to make sure busy learners know where to find content and understand why it will benefit them to maximize reach and impact.

When learners approach a course with the right mindset from the start, its impact will be greater—even when the learning is mandatory.

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Learning Campaigns for High Engagement

We can design a learning campaign alongside the development of your learning that will drive initial awareness and engagement. Once your learning has launched, we continue to support its rollout with tactical communications that reinforce key messages and embed the learning in the workplace.

Understanding the intended audience is essential to an effective learning campaign. We take the time to understand your learners’ motivations and preferred communication channels.


Learning Campaigns to Drive Behavioral Change and Business Transformation

Large-scale change initiatives are now a common activity within many organizations.

Whether you are looking to drive behavioral change or need help engaging your workforce with an ongoing transformation program, LEO Learning can help.

We design and implement learning communications strategies that drive commitment and enthusiasm for change, developing a strong campaign identity and messaging that can be effectively delivered across multiple channels.

Our experts will identify the right mix of tools, tactics and channels for objectives. Your campaign may feature social media, videos, posters, viral games or manager briefings— whatever will most effectively engage your workforce.

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To discover how to effectively use learning campaigns and communications to engage your people, get in touch today.