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Learning Games and Gamification

LEO Learning delivers immersive, engaging and entertaining learning games. With our BAFTA-winning games expertise, we have the skills you need to create powerful games with purpose.

Games-based learning is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. At LEO Learning, we know that games can drive motivation, healthy competition and deep immersion, all of which creates greater engagement and better learning results.

Designing Learning Games

Designing a game that balances learning outcomes with entertainment and playability can be tricky. Too often learning games can still feel a lot like traditional learning, but with a few (often unnecessary) bells and whistles.

A learning game must be engaging first. And engagement is created through the right level of challenge. Our games designers know how to pitch difficulty at a level that really challenges learners, but at the same time keeps them coming back for more. By making failure fun, our experts drive meaningful learning outcomes and embed behavior change.

That means instead of a game interspersed with some learning, the learning happens as a result of playing the game.


The game has truly come out fantastically. Each level links in with the content of the modules. It’s introduced a new and fun way of learning into our offer.

– Godiva


The game contains a lot of features we would never have thought of. “I’m really happy that we went with the experience of [working with] LEO Learning.



Mobile-first learning instilling passion in retail employees

World-Leading Games-Based Learning Expertise

With over 100 million gameplays and counting, our specialist games unit has been voted to the number one spot on the App store 15 times.


An Award-Winning Mobile-First Learning Game

Embracing Gamification Elements in Learning

Some of the most successful learning apps in the world use gamification to hook users in and create satisfying, enjoyable learning experiences.

Gamification is applying techniques and tactics more commonly associated with games, such as health meters, badges, and leaderboards to digital learning.

Implementing gamification techniques like these helps give your learners a strong sense of achievement and provides a clear vision of progress. Global leaderboards also let learners compete with others based all over the world, providing that all-important motivation to improve.

Our learning designers have extensive experience of using gamification to sustain learner engagement and drive up course completion rates. We can work with any authoring tool or learning platform to add gamification elements to your learning.

Non-Digital Games for Learning

We also design non-digital games for use in workshops, training sessions and communications campaigns. We’ve created card games and strategy-based tabletop games that give learners an engaging, collaborative way to test their skills and knowledge.


To harness the power of engaging learning games and eLearning gamification, contact us today.