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Video and Animation

LEO Learning’s award-winning in-house team and broadcast-level production facilities enable us to deliver cinema-quality learning videos and animations without breaking your budget.

From insightful documentaries to interactive scenarios and rich, colorful animations, we specialize in telling engaging stories that deliver meaningful learning.

Our Moving Image team is a multi-disciplinary unit of camera operators, directors, scriptwriters, editors and animators. They work shoulder to shoulder with our learning designers to create learning video and animation that engages and educates in equal measure.


Learning Video That Meets the Expectations of Today’s Learners

As consumption of online video has rocketed in recent years, learners’ expectations have changed. High-quality, cinematic video is now the norm, while poor-quality drama video disengages learners and creates a barrier to learning uptake.

That’s why our approach is focused on creating online learning videos that meet the quality expectations today’s learners demand.

Watch our expertise in action.

High-Quality Cost-Effective Learning Videos

Our in-house team ensure high-quality video solutions are cost-effective.

LEO Learning can help you meet the expectations of the binge-watching generation without paying a Netflix price tag. Whether it’s scenario-driven drama or a suite of talking head interviews, we can deliver impressive results with our experienced crew, carefully selected locations and quality post-production.


Supercharging a learning ecosystem to deliver seamless learning experiences 

Learning Videos Deliver Real Results

Video is an incredibly powerful medium for engagement and communication. Research has shown that video viewers retain far more information than those who consume the same information in text form.

Video provides unrivalled opportunities to:

Tell powerful stories that drive and embed behavior change-min

Tell powerful stories that drive and embed behavior change

Immerse learners in thought-provoking scenarios-min

Immerse learners in thought-provoking scenarios

Communicate your organization’s vision, value and strategy-min

Communicate your organization’s vision, value and strategy

Our Experience

At LEO Learning we have extensive experience producing:

Drama Video

Our drama videos are written by professional dramatists who understand how to create engaging stories that drive emotional engagement with learning. From shooting on location on a working mine to filming at your offices, our directors and producers have experience coordinating multi-location shoots with many actors.

Factual Video

We create factual video for a range of purposes from interviews with experts, senior management and customers, to promo videos and product demonstrations.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is a highly-engaging way of delivering scenario-based learning. Our interactive videos weave together powerful narratives with realistic decision points that truly challenge learners.




Harnessing Digital Learning to Increase Product Differentiation and Awareness

Using Animation for Visually-striking, Engaging Learning

Animation is incredibly effective for communicating high-level messages and explaining key concepts in an engaging, concise way. Animation in eLearning has the unique power to bring together appealing visuals, text and narrative to create a compelling learning experience.

We know that many organizations have strong internal brands. Our in-house team of storyboarders, animators and art directors have experience creating animation in a broad range of styles and to detailed brand guidelines. Whether it’s infographic-style, character-led or explainer, we can find the right medium for your message.

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Want to give your learners high-quality online learning videos and animations? Contact us to today to see how we can help you.