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Mobile Learning

LEO Learning is a pioneer in the creation of mobile learning solutions and we’re continuing to push boundaries in this space with AR mobile learning experiences.

Today’s learners expect to learn anytime, anywhere. That’s why mobile learning is an essential component of any effective learning strategy.



An Award-Winning Mobile-First Learning 

Meet Your Learners’ Needs With Mobile Learning

When learners have the flexibility to access content on their commute, between meetings or simply during a short break from their desk, learning becomes achievable even in the midst of a busy day.

Mobile learning can happen virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection. And even when connectivity is an issue, content can be downloaded in advance to be used offline—so they can keep learning on the go.


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Just-In-Time Performance Support

Giving your staff the learning they need exactly when they need it is the key to achieving measurable impact on your business goals, such as service levels and sales targets.

For instance, mobile learning can be used to deliver:


Detailed product knowledge to staff on the shop floor


Refresher content on negotiation skills ahead of an important sales meeting


AR learning that gives engineers ‘field of vision’ information on key processes and procedures

When learning is freed from the desktop or classroom, it enables critical performance support at the point of need.


Mobile-first learning instilling passion in retail employees

Delivering Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning is far more than just desktop-based digital learning in miniature. We now expect visually-rich, engaging experiences regardless of the device we are using.

Our dedicated team of digital learning experts understand mobile learning inside out, from design to technical considerations and the user experiences unique to each client. They ensure your mobile learning solutions are fully optimized for all devices, giving your learners the most interactive, user-friendly experience possible.

They [learners] pick the course up and it feels intuitive to them. It feels like something that’s been designed for mobile devices.

– Royal Mail


Leaders in Mobile Learning Strategy

Frustrated at the lack of mobile-readiness in many authoring tools, we decided to create our own. Industry-leading cloud-based eLearning authoring tool, gomo, started its life at LEO Learning and is now one of our sister companies within Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best authoring tools, gomo is now used by organizations around the world to create truly responsive and adaptive, cloud-based, multi-device learning.

We work with many organizations to help them get the most out of gomo. We can upskill internal teams on best practice, create custom themes and provide additional capacity when needed.


The Next Generation of Mobile Learning

LEO Learning is leading the way in creating AR experiences learners can access on mobile devices.

Augmented Reality overlays content on top of real objects and physical environments. Using a mobile device, learners receive instant, highly-relevant learning content and support integrated directly into their real-world experience.

We collaborate with sister company, PRELOADED, to create augmented and mixed reality learning solutions that use mobile technologies to bring the digital and real world ever closer.



Honda North America’s first substantial eLearning program

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