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Scenario-Based Learning

At LEO Learning, we’ve been designing innovative, award-winning scenarios and simulations for years. Whether it’s a simple scenario within a course or a complex branching scenario-based learning experience, we understand how to design scenarios with real impact.

We use scenario-based learning in many of our online training solutions. Why? Because we know they work.

Scenarios deliver learning by putting learners in realistic yet challenging situations—often ones that would be extremely difficult to replicate in real life. Learners can experiment and fail safely, and at the same time, gain deep insights into their choices and decisions.



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How We Design Learning Scenarios

Our learning designers will work with you to:

  • Explore realistic situations and scenarios your learners will relate to and engage with
  • Define challenging decision points that test your learners’ knowledge and judgement
  • Carefully weave decision points together to create an engaging, emotionally-charged story your learners will want to follow
  • Powerfully communicate the consequences of decisions to drive home learning outcomes
  • Build in coaching and additional learning activities to deepen the impact of scenario-based learning

We can create learning scenarios in many different ways, whether using simple text screens, audio, video or a mix of all threewhatever best meets the needs of your learners and your budget.


Powerful Video-Driven Scenarios

Incorporating high-quality drama video into scenario-based learning deepens learner engagement and adds an extra level of intensity to decision-making.

Our in-house video team creates powerful video dramas that result in highly emotive, impactful learning. Combining video and the latest learning technologies, we specialize in immersive experiences that place learners right at the heart of the action from start to finish.

Complex Learning Simulations

While scenarios are often framed in an overarching narrative, a simulation tends to be a more non-linear, exploratory learning experience.

At LEO Learning, we have substantial experience in developing sophisticated learning simulations that recreate highly complex environments.

Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Harness complex data modeling to give your learners the space to practice key business decisions

Performance simulations

Performance simulations

Improve communication and personal skills in a safe environment

Collaborative simulations

Collaborative simulations

Create a highly interactive way to learn in workshops

Software simulations

Software simulations

Recreate parts of your system to deliver targeted learning on key processes

Simulations can range from sophisticated tools for senior managers to irreverent, fun learning games that can elevate even the driest subjects. At LEO Learning, we flex our approach to ensure the solution engages your learners, whoever they may be.

Ready to harness the power of scenario-based learning?