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Assessment Strategies

LEO Learning’s assessment strategies drive the success and long-term impact of your learning.

With 30 years of experience designing learning for many global organizations, we understand how to design learning assessments that really challenge your learners to apply new knowledge and skills.

Our learning analytics experts can also help you leverage the latest technologies to create a highly-accurate picture of your learners’ performance. This means you can deliver more effective, targeted learning that gives learners exactly what they need to reach performance goals.

Leaders in Confidence-Based Assessments

Our confidence-based assessments deliver visibility on your learners’ confidence levels, as well as their knowledge uptake. This dual approach creates a quadrant of learner performance.


This enables you to identify learners who are:

  • High performers and should be treated as such
  • Low in confidence or competence and require further training and support
  • Highly confident but low in competence who could pose a risk to your organization

This approach to learning assessment strategies helps you to identify the best way to support your learners. That could be providing mentoring to those struggling with confidence, or targeted training for those low in competence.

Misplaced confidence can have damaging effects—think about salespeople who make sales your company cannot deliver on. Certainty-based scoring is an effective solution to this challenge, and can be tailored to suit your development targets.

Assessment Data Drives Your Learning Strategy

LEO Learning can work with you to implement learning analytics tools and standards which make it simple for you to collect and analyze assessment data across all of your learning programs.

Our technical experts can design and implement data collection strategies that hook up all the different elements in your learning ecosystem to collect assessment data in a single place.

We can work with our partner company, Watershed, or any other LRS on the market, to harness the power of xAPI. This means you can analyze learning effectiveness at every level of your organization—whether that’s at an individual or team level—or look at performance shifts across the organization as a whole.

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To find out more about how we can supercharge your learning assessment strategies, contact us today.