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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning: the 3-step Guide

Three Steps to Practical, Effective Learning Measurement.

We understand that developing a learning measurement strategy can feel like climbing a mountain, but with our help, you can prove the difference your learning makes to business performance.

Transform Your Learning Organization

Our three-step measurement program will give you practical direction and technical support on how to put in place an evidence-based learning strategy, whatever stage you’re at in your measurement journey.


Transform You and Your Team

Our capability building workshops will enable you to build the knowledge and skills needed to use learning analytics to drive business performance.

Three-step Measurement Program

Getting to the point when you can prove the impact of your programs can be achieved in three easy steps. Our measurement change experts, data analysts and learning systems technologists will support you throughout.

Part 1: Visioning and Action Planning

The first step in developing an effective measurement strategy is to understand what you really want to achieve. This starts with being able to understand and articulate the opportunities within your organization and builds towards an immediate plan of action and two-year roadmap.

Our measurement experts will help you:

Understand Your Starting Point

  • Align stakeholders around a shared view of how to use data-driven learning to transform business performance
  • Surface the challenges you will face and how to overcome them

Define Your Vision

  • Develop your vision and document the strategy to deliver it
  • Assess the barriers and opportunities that could help or hinder your goals

Document Your Plan of Action

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how the gaps can be closed
  • Develop the business case
  • Document your plan of action and roadmap
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Part 2: Grow Measurement Capabilities and Road Test Your Strategy

Our experts will empower you to move forward by upskilling your team and embedding the tools and processes needed to implement your measurement strategy. Then we’ll get you up and running with a pilot measurement project that will road test your strategy ahead of a large-scale roll out.

Design Processes and Tools

  • Develop the processes and tools that work best in your organization

Upskill your Team

  • Develop consulting skills to ensure your team is comfortable having business performance conversations with operational managers
  • Build up vital measurement capabilities—such as using data to design effective learning blends
  • Enable teams to communicate powerful stories of business impact

Run a Strategy Pilot

  • Design a pilot that road tests your measurement strategy

Part 3: Scale Up and Roll Out

Now you’re ready to scale up and embed your strategy within the business. The third step of our program will prepare your team for full-scale roll out.

Conduct a Big Data ‘Deep-Dive’

  • Standardize how to access, extract, and analyze the key business and learning data
  • Put in place the processes and technologies that enable you to collect critical KPIs at scale

Prepare for Rollout

  • Use insights from the pilot to finalize your measurement strategy
  • Refine your approach to analysis and reporting
  • Develop your standard data dashboards
  • Document detailed business and technical requirements to support buy/build decisions
  • Support implementation and rollout; review and refine for continuous improvement
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Capability Building Workshops

We know that the range of skills and knowledge required to implement a measurement strategy can seem overwhelming to many L&D teams. That’s why alongside our three-step program, we also offer capability building workshops. These can be delivered as part of the program, or by themselves. We have specifically designed the workshops to build in the key skills and knowledge L&D professionals require to successfully design and implement a measurement strategy.

Each workshop will be run by one of our measurement consultants, who have delivered measurement strategies for global organizations. The areas they will cover are as follows:

Learning Measurement Foundations Workshop

  • Understand and articulate the power of big data approaches to measuring learning impact
  • How to use data to drive performance in your organization
  • Benchmark where you are on the measurement journey
  • Identify business drivers and success measures
  • Build the evidence chain, analyzing and finding ‘gold’ in your data

Performance Consulting Skills Workshop

  • The role of measurement in driving business performance
  • How to initiate the measurement conversation
  • How to work with front line managers to identify performance problems
  • How to use data to design effective learning programs
  • How to put in place a continuous improvement process

Learning Analytics, Strategy and Implementation Workshop

  • How data is managed and analyzed in organizations
  • How to build hypotheses and correlations
  • How to identify viable data sources
  • How to use APIs to extract data
  • How to create high-impact dashboards

Contact us to find out more at or download the PDF to take to your next meeting.