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Like all industries, FMCG brands face some stiff challenges in today’s fast-moving, increasingly competitive landscape.

These include protecting and promoting brand value to maintain revenue, growing sales and meeting targets, and effectively managing the supply chain.

We work alongside our FMCG clients to understand their needs and create learning strategies for real business impact and keep ahead of the competition. We know the importance of getting their strategies right and creating a learning and support culture which gets to the heart of the business challenges they face. The challenges include:

- new products needing a swift response in order to be brought to market quickly
- the development of an innovative learning approach which is then successfully introduced to staff
- keeping the entire supply chain in-step by rolling out the right content at the right time

Whether it’s any of these, or something else entirely, LEO Learning can help.

Meet our expert

The needs of learners in the FMCG sector are evolving. Those now entering the workplace are of a generation used to accessing information immediately at the point of need, in smaller quantities and in their own time. This increase in the desire for smaller ‘bite-size’ chunks of learning is also facilitated by the increase in mobile technology. Along with that, we are seeing a shift in learning delivery, with more than half of formal corporate learning now taking place outside of the classroom. It’s an exciting time of innovation, with VR, 360°/interactive video, mobile-first content and learning analytics continuing to gain momentum.

Here at LEO Learning, my team and I have worked with some of the top FMCG organisations to design, develop, implement and measure the impact of learning programmes. We distribute these globally to both established markets and emerging markets such as China and the Middle East. We work closely with our clients’ sales, brand, commercial and product teams in order to align our services to their rapidly moving businesses needs.

Our expertise

LEO Learning has worked with FMCG clients such as J&J, Mars and L’Oreal to help them to transform their learning programs. We offer expertise in a wide range of areas including:

  • Product knowledge and sales skills
  • Learning strategy consultancy
  • Sales development
  • Supply chain product awareness
  • Induction and onboarding
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • Management and leadership
  • Commercial competence
  • Equality and diversity
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