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Content Authoring

At LEO Learning, we can work with a range of authoring tools to create innovative, highly effective digital learning. In addition, we give clients the opportunity to deliver their own beautiful multi-device eLearning with our sister company, the industry-leading authoring tool gomo.

LEO Learning supports organizations to build capability, get the most out of gomo and achieve exceptional learning standards that lead to business results. This includes upskilling internal teams, creating custom content design templates, and providing additional capacity when needed.

Rated as the world’s number one authoring and distribution platform, gomo creates, delivers, hosts and tracks beautiful, fully responsive, multi-device learning. Global organizations use gomo to author mobile-friendly content for their learners.


Why gomo?

gomo is the world’s leading responsive HTML5 eLearning authoring, enterprise video, hosting and analytics suite.

Once a course is created in gomo, the content is automatically adaptive and responsive to any screen size—so there’s no need to worry about designing different versions of courses for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Learning looks great on any device, giving people the best possible content experience.

gomo’s flexibility and rich, easy-to-use features make it easy to create and edit text, videos, graphics, weblinks, assessment questions, and topics.

Dynamic Video Learning Made Simple

Video learning is now a key component of effective training programs, so gomo also includes a rapid, intuitive video content creation platform. Learning teams use it to create and distribute video content in no time and get training into the hands of those who need it, from any device and directly within gomo video.

Organizations use gomo video to update tired-looking training material. The screen capture tool allows the creation of how-to videos and product demos, populated with automatically-generated subtitles, which can be edited and translated into dozens of languages.

gomo video also comes with powerful social learning capabilities. Learning videos can be ‘chaptered’, with direct links pointing to specific time codes in the video. Learners can comment within the platform, driving engagement and further conversations with SMEs.


Smart Delivery at Speed

There are several ways to share gomo-authored courses with learners. Deliver content to users, websites, LMSs, social media sites, intranets and more with direct links access or website embed codes.

The gomo central app allows you to deliver gomo courses to smartphones and tablets with offline delivery and full xAPI analytics, and can even be used in place of an LMS.

Multilingual Content and Instant Updates

Waiting for huge files to upload to an LMS—even when only a tiny update is required—is a pain point LMS teams are used to encountering. gomo’s unique LMS wrapper reduces the upload file to a tiny fraction of its original size (around 13KB), keeping the course in the cloud.

This saves you hours of time publishing, zipping and uploading and downloading content. In just a few clicks, learners all over the world will see the new version.

Taking into account regional variations, gomo supports a total of 152 different languages. gomo allows L&D teams to localize images, audio, and video for each language in your course, and support new languages after your course has launched.

At LEO Learning, we are experts in supporting businesses to raise internal capability and get the best out of a range of content authoring tools—and gomo offers an outstanding, award-winning authoring solution.


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