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Enterprise LMS

LEO Learning’s holistic approach delivers LMS solutions that address a wide range of learning challenges, leading to measurable business results for organisations of all sizes.

In today’s fast-paced world, the role of the Learning Management System (LMS) is changing. Rather than being a standalone component, the LMS is now a dynamic, enterprise-wide application. It can be integrated into all aspects of an organization.

As a sister company within Learning Technologies Group, LEO Learning has extensive experience of working with our colleagues at PeopleFluent to deploy NetDimensions LMS, which is part of the PeopleFluent Learning suite.

This LMS specializes in servicing highly-regulated industries with complex compliance requirements, built on a flexible framework that fits into talent and learning ecosystems.


An All-Purpose LMS to Drive Your Organizational Success

NetDimensions LMS meets the needs of global organizations with:

Mobile learning

Mobile learning – adaptive and responsive application and mobile app for online and offline content consumption

Social collaboration

Social collaboration – knowledge centers, forums and integration with best-in-class Confluence Wiki

Support for a full range of compliance regulations

Support for a full range of compliance regulations – including 21 CFR Part 11

Full external learner provision as part of extended enterprise management

Full external learner provision as part of extended enterprise management

Hosting and tracking all types of learning

Hosting and tracking all types of learning, from informal, on-the-job knowledge building to instructor-led sessions as part of a blend

Secure and open APIs

Secure and open APIs to allow integrations and building out custom portals

NetDimensions LMS is Highly Scalable

NetDimensions LMS supports organizations through an ultra-reliable, highly versatile system that can scale to meet the highest growth goals. Its functionality is ideal for the implementation, management and execution of enterprise learning programs.

LEO Learning has expertise in helping customers using the platform for global workforces of more than half a million total users. We ensure that organizations can expand without compromising on LMS functionality, performance or infrastructure security.

Rely on Your LMS to Master Critical Compliance Challenges

While many organizations in highly-regulated industries find it critically important to demonstrate compliance to regulators, very few are ready for audits. Often, compliance requirements are complex and critical to the continuity of business operations.

We know that these organizations need an LMS designed to drive compliance with strict regulations and tough industry standards. Features such as tailored alerts and powerful analytics help organizations to ensure they are fully inspection-ready at any time.

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Secure SaaS That’s Tailored to Your Deployment Needs

For clients who aren’t deploying NetDimensions LMS as on-premise service behind a firewall, secure SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions provide a unique and innovative approach that is optimized according to the size, sector and organizational complexity of a business.

LEO Learning’s use of NetDimensions LMS means we can provide a variety of advanced security features within the most secure SaaS architecture in the market today.


To start benefiting from NetDimensions LMS, get in touch.