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Learning Ecosystems

Whatever stage you’re at in the development of your learning ecosystem, LEO Learning can help.

What Is a Learning Ecosystem?

In today’s technology-driven world, your organization is likely using a lot of different products and services to support Learning & Development.
You might have authoring tools to create content, hosting services to house and deliver content, data capture tools and services to record all kinds of learner data, and hundreds of other systems, tools, and processes that all meet various needs in different ways.

A learning ecosystem brings together all of these interconnected systems, tools, and technologies to deliver an integrated and networked, data-driven learning service within your organization’s existing technical infrastructure.




Supercharging a learning ecosystem to deliver seamless learning experiences 

What Are the Benefits of a Learning Ecosystem?

When you connect all of your products and services together you can deliver a seamless learning experience that makes use of the technology that your people use on a daily basis This means your learners can access all kinds of content, events, and experiences through a single front-end.

A learning ecosystem also enables you to capture standardized and ready-to-use data on learning activity in your organization, giving you visibility on the impact that learning has on your organization’s performance.


How Can We Support Your Learning Ecosystem Development?

We understand that every organization is at a different level of complexity or maturity with their learning ecosystem and has different constraints from their existing technical infrastructure. Perhaps you don’t yet have any interconnected tools or experiences, or you have an overwhelming array of systems and services, or maybe you’re somewhere in-between.

At whatever point you are in your learning ecosystem journey, we can help. If you’re getting started with a learning ecosystem, we can:

Provide education: We’ll create awareness around learning ecosystems, define them, share examples, and help you evaluate ways in which your organization may benefit from well thought-through integration. We often support L&D teams to build a business case to get started with a learning ecosystem.

Review your ecosystem and define your roadmap: We will review your current collection of systems, tools, and processes (whether or not you’re calling it an ecosystem yet) against your business and L&D goals. Then we create a plan for getting from where you are to where you want to be.


Turbocharge Your Learning Ecosystem

If you’re looking for help designing or turbo-charging your ecosystem, we can:

Design your user experience-

Design your user experience:

Our architects and learning consultants can storymap your learners’ experience so you have blueprints for building your learning ecosystem’s front-end and the ‘plumbing’ for integration into your organization’s technical infrastructure.

Define your comprehensive data strategy

Define your comprehensive data strategy:

More than just measurement, we have experts who can map out your entire strategy for capturing, analyzing, and using data from any source to make business and L&D decisions. Beyond learning, we also look at performance and business KPIs and data from additional sources like HR systems, chat tools, and CRMs (to name a few) that can give you the insights and foresight you need.

Support technology selection

Support technology selection:

Our consultants will help you define requirements so you can select the right technologies for your goals.

Build your learning ecosystem

Build your learning ecosystem:

Not only can we help you with planning, we can also build out the entire experience—from the front-end to the interconnected components of your ecosystem.

We help our clients with their learning ecosystems in many ways. We meet you where you are, define your vision for the future and then get you to where you want to be.

Talk to us today to find out how our learning ecosystem experts can turbo-charge your learning.