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Learning Platforms

The success of your digital learning relies on your learning platforms. At LEO Learning, we are experts in selecting and implementing learning platforms that deliver seamless digital learning experiences.

LEO Learning harnesses the best technologies in the market to build simple-to-use, beautifully designed learning environments. We can not only help you connect, integrate and enhance your existing learning products, but also support you to embed new ones.

Custom Learning Platforms and Portals

LEO Learning is platform agnostic—we have extensive experience building custom portals which integrate with existing learning platforms such as NetDimensions LMS, Cornerstone and SharePoint.

Through our user-centred design approach, our technical team can review your existing learning ecosystem and then implement technical solutions to create more streamlined, engaging learning experiences.


Platform Design

Great learning design shouldn’t just focus on learning content; it should consider the entire journey your learners will go on. The platforms your learners use to access and complete their learning is central to that journey.

Effective and engaging learning experiences augment and enhance the learning journey. They consider every touchpoint and interaction your learners will have on their journey to improving their performance and making long-term behavioral change.

Our platforms design service includes:

Mapping Learning Journeys (1)

Mapping Learning Journeys  

Our consultants will analyze and map learning journeys so your platform is designed specifically to meet learners’ needs and support learning outcomes.

Learning Program Engagement (1)

Learning Program Engagement

We design visually engaging spaces to build and improve employee engagement with your most important programs, from onboarding and learning academies to initiatives like product launch learning and health & safety training.

Customer Learning (1)

Customer Learning

We deliver customer-facing learning platforms that capture the essence of your brand.


Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

At LEO Learning, we understand that many organizations are keen to measure the business impact of learning. The problem is often understanding how to integrate all of your learning products and platforms into a cohesive ecosystem that will allow you to collect the data you need to demonstrate business impact.

Our technical team can help you achieve your measurement goals by integrating your learning platforms and products and harnessing technology standards, such as xAPI, to connect both new and legacy products and platforms together.

We can also work with our sister company within Learning Technologies Group, Watershed, to implement their world-leading analytics platforms to enable you to collect and analyze your data in a single place.

Our Platforms and Portals Service

We help global enterprises enhance their learning technology landscape to improve engagement, design effective learning journeys, and deliver measurable benefits to the business.

Our technical consulting team will support you through the entire project lifecycle, from strategy and selection to design, implementation and support.


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We can help with:

Requirements Analysis and Design Specifications
Our technical consulting team can help you understand your learning technology requirements and then support you in procuring, building and implementing your chosen tools and platforms.

Development and Migration Support

We can support the development and testing of personalized platforms and integrate learning technology products to deliver an enhanced user experience to your learners.

If you need to migrate legacy data to your new platform, we can manage the entire process, from mapping the database tables to running the import and testing data integrity once completed.

Launch Management

Our technical consultants understand how to make the process of launching a new platform as smooth as possible.

We will:

  • Minimize the impact of technology changes
  • Develop launch communications
  • Assist with team transition planning and support

Content Workflow and Learner Experience (LX) Design

Our technical team will work in partnership with our learning experts to deeply analyze your learners’ needs. By developing learner profiles and journeys they can support the design of learning experiences where both the content and platform work in harmony to produce successful learning programs.

We offer:

  • Content workflow process design (external/internal teams)
  • Capability review and improvement planning
  • Curriculum design
  • Content curation
  • Learner experience (LX) design and journey mapping

Service Plans

No matter the size or scale of the project, our technical team can provide targeted support.

This includes:

  • Supporting your users with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Penetration and load testing
  • Hosting portals, learning environment and tools
  • Upgrade/updating learning products planning
  • Learning platform improvement assessments

To find out how we can help you implement a learning platform, get in touch today.