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Learning Record Stores (LRS)

No organization can hope to adapt, evolve and measurably improve results without the ability to intricately analyze the impact of learning programs. A Learning Record Store (LRS) is the focal point of your learning and business data.

At LEO Learning, we work with the most popular enterprise-ready LRS in the world. Watershed LRS is designed to ensure you truly understand the impact of your learning programs and can align them precisely with your business goals.

Use an LRS to Measure a Full Range of Learning Activities

While a traditional LMS only allows you to track learning associated with a SCORM package, an LRS allows you to capture a much greater range of information.

The LRS is a central repository of data for every aspect of your learning experience—whatever learning technologies or modes of learning you use—as part of your wider learning ecosystem. You can capture data on face-to-face training, learning accessed on-the-job and any other type of learning intervention. And once you’ve got that data in one place and format, you can use Watershed to easily configure graphical dashboards and reports to monitor and explore your data and other business data.

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Monitor Your Learning With Tailored Dashboards

Watershed dashboards interpret and present your learning data in an incredibly clear, highly visual style. Use them to monitor how programs and resources, learners and groups are performing in real time against defined milestones and objectives, so you can take immediate action.

Build your dashboard using a range of graphical report types that enable you to drill down into your learning data, keeping track of the bigger picture or diving into the detail of individual learners and interactions. Embed interactive reports on learning platforms, learning manager portals and more.


Beautiful Visualization of Meaningful, Actionable Insights

Watershed’s simple report configuration tool, Explore, empowers you to dig into the data, quickly configuring and re-configuring reports to spot trends, explore anomalies and learn lessons from your data.

Understanding how your programs have performed allows you to continuously improve. It is also key to driving greater alignment to and impact on business goals. For example, in one award-winning learning program, a global technology supplier used 87,000 dynamic data points to compare learning scores and KPI trends. Set against company benchmarks, this allowed the organization to increase financial acumen and improve a wide range of other measures.

Take your reporting to the next level and prove results with key insights that drive decision-making. Watershed’s LRS capabilities can easily demonstrate the invaluable strategic function your L&D provides.

World-Class Interoperability to Meet the Highest Standards

As the inventors of the concept of the LRS, the team at Watershed are experts in transforming learning data into xAPI. This is the open standard that allows different tools to speak the same language.

While some learning tools are not equipped to send xAPI statements, Watershed’s LRS has the versatility to take in any kind of data—even if the tools being used don’t have native xAPI capabilities. These include performance and business systems.

Conformance testing is core to Watershed’s development and release processes, and the Watershed team are key members of the working group informing the direction and shape of xAPI conformance testing. A conformant LRS with strict validation is vital to the integrity, usability and transferability of your learning records. Anything less will lead to headaches when you come to use or migrate your data in the future.

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Supercharging a learning ecosystem to deliver seamless learning experiences and measure business impact

Make the Most of a Wealth of LRS Features

Modern organizations demand more than just the core functionality of a world-class LRS. Watershed’s solution offers an unparalleled range of additional features while maintaining optimal speed and performance.

These features include a data conversion engine that translates business and performance data for further measurement, enterprise-level scalability, and security features, and more.

Want to give your learners a modern, engaging experience while also tapping into the promise of new technologies like xAPI and Learning Record Stores?