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Learning Technology Strategy

Whether it’s getting the most out of your current tools, selecting new ones or building your learning ecosystem, LEO Learning can help.

Working with the team at LEO Learning has elevated our colleagues’ thinking around digital delivery. Their methodology stimulated a number of useful conversations for us around the benefits that technology offers our clients and students.

– UK higher education provider

Get the Most Out of Your Learning Technologies

Many businesses come to us having invested heavily in a new tool or platform but left feeling this investment hasn’t paid off. They might be dealing with frustrated learners or overly-complex workflows.

Sometimes the problem isn’t the product itself, but the way it’s been implemented.

Our technical consultants can help you get the most out of your existing technologies. We will review the implementation of the tools and systems in question and then design a solution that resolves your current pain points and work with you to implement the changes.


Supercharging a learning ecosystem to deliver seamless learning experiences 

Understanding Your Learning Technology Requirements

What tools and platforms do you really need to deliver learning effectively? How can you create a seamless, hassle-free experience for your learners? What’s missing, or no longer needed?

Our technical consultants can help you answer these questions. Through collaborative workshops, we will:

Support technology selection

Capture Your Product Requirements:
Our user-centric story mapping approach gets to the roots of your learners’ needs

Evaluation of current learning solutions

Evaluate Your Current Technology Landscape:
What’s working, what’s not working and what’s missing

Review your ecosystem and define your roadmap

Define Next Steps:
We provide you with a report packed with detailed recommendations


Select the Right Learning Technologies for Your Business

If you’re in the market for a new learning platform or tool, we can ensure you make the right investment.

Our technical team can support with:

  • Capturing requirements
  • Story mapping
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Shortlisting
  • Detailed selection criteria
  • RFP creation
  • Integrating a modern learning technology ecosystem
  • Product trials

We have always been tools-agnostic in our approach. That means our experts will only recommend the correct tools and technologies to support your goals.


Define Your Learning Technology Strategy

Selecting and implementing the right learning technologies is a key component of a learning strategy.

If you’re looking to define an overall strategic program for learning throughout your organization, we can help you implement the right tools to support the delivery of your program.

Our team of technical and learning experts will work alongside your team to define the technical architecture that will boost the impact of your learning strategy.

You really helped define our vision and strategy as well as bringing the technical integration of the Learning Centre together with a great blend of learning and communications. This resulted in great engagement and enabled us to achieve and document a significant ROI across our 21 European markets.

– Global automotive organization


Supercharge Your Learning Ecosystem

Often organizations who are working with numerous legacy tools and systems find it difficult to get the most out of their learning ecosystem.

They want to harness the benefits of a fully-connected ecosystem but do not want to waste past investment in tools they cannot integrate successfully.

We’ve helped many organizations in this situation supercharge their learning ecosystem by refining how their current tools are implemented. We also layer in additional elements, such as xAPI, which connect both new and legacy technologies together.

With your ecosystem fully implemented, you can gather all of your learning data in a Learning Record Store (LRS). Our technical consultants can advise on the selection and implementation of an LRS that will deliver powerful insights on your learning programs

Contact us today to book a free workshop with our technical consulting team.